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Your Gift Provides A Path To Recovery And A Bridge To Justice For Victims Of Abuse

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When you donate to Hope Haven Children’s Advocacy Center, you join an organization dedicated to helping children who have suffered sexual abuse and trauma. Hope Haven supports hundreds of families each year through family advocacy programs that provide the necessary tools to respond to each child’s unique needs following sexual and physical abuse.


Your gift supports:

  • Forensic Interviews, a structured interview given to each child to document and record an event they may have witnessed or experienced

  • Multidisciplinary Team, a multi-agency team with members from Hope Haven, law enforcement, mental health agencies, CPS, and prosecutors working together to support families while seeking justice for victims

  • Stewards of Children, a child abuse prevention course taught to parents, professionals, and volunteers who work with children

  • Helping Hands, keeping families together by providing services such as counseling, donations, and direct financial assistance

  • Children’s Health Fair, provides free health and wellness screenings, school supplies, and uniforms to kids as they prepare for the upcoming school year


Nationally, statistics say 1 in 10 children will suffer sexual abuse before their 18th birthday. With roughly 22,000 children under the age of 18 in both Hancock & Pearl River Counties, that’s almost 2,200 kids in our community that will suffer abuse. Only about 10% of those cases will ever be reported meaning 90% of victims of child sexual abuse will never receive the care and support they need to recover from the trauma they have endured.  

Your gift using the DONATE button below is a fast and secure way to immediately help victims become children again in Hancock & Pearl River Counties. Through your continued support, you will join Hope Haven’s mission to walk side by side with families on their path to healing while providing a bridge to justice for victims of child sexual abuse. 


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