Stewards of Children, administered by Darkness to  Light, is a child sexual abuse prevention training program. Hope Haven's Lorraine Werner, Debra Foster, and Isabelle Hall are authorized facilitators  qualified to train community members to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse.  


The fundamentals of training under the Stewards of Children is appropriate not only for organizations which serve children directly, but for individuals and businesses who want to respond to the epidemic nature of this problem.  


Training sessions are typically offered monthly at the Hope Haven office. Registration is required but there is no fee for attending. Please check our calendar or call Lorraine if you would like to learn more:  228-466-6395 (office) or 601-916-7030 (cell).  

What To Expect From Stewards of Children Training

During the two hour training course, the class facilitator will lead you through thoughtful group discussions, an interactive workbook activity, and a moving video where you will hear from  parents, experts, and adult survivors of sexual abuse.


By the end of the course, you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to spot the signs of child sexual abuse and how to take the proper action steps to protect children in our local community. 

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