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Hope Haven is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for victims of childhood trauma and abuse. It is our mission to be a haven of recovery and a path to justice  for children and their families. 

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We understand it's hard to ask for help sometimes. Let us walk with you as you start to learn the process of healing for yourself or a loved one.

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You can help end childhood trauma! Learn how your contribution is impacting children in our community.

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Do you know how to protect your child against sexual abuse? Learn the steps parents can take to keep their children safe today.

For over 24 years, Hope Haven Children's Advocacy Center has played a vital role in serving abused and neglected children on the Mississippi Gulf Coast through community education, advocacy, and direct assistance to families.
We ask for your help as we strive to support and advocate on behalf of our community's children.
Hope Haven is a proud member of the National Children's Alliance and the Mississippi Children's Advocacy Center. 

What families say 

"They welcomed us in with open arms and have done everything they could to meet our needs. The staff is absolutely wonderful."

August 2019

Hope Haven Client

"They are very understanding and make you feel very calm and welcomed during this stressful process."

September 2019

Hope Haven Client

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