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Forensic Interviews

What Is a Forensic Interview?

The structured conversation between a child and Hope Haven's interviewer is intended to document and record detailed information about an event that the child may have witnessed or experienced. The goal is to aid in ensuring the safety of the individual child as well as other children in the community.


Forensic services are provided in a safe environment within Hope Haven where the forensic interviewer and the child's conversation is audio and video recorded.  Our staff has been professionally trained in the Forensic Interview model and conducts interviews in a supportive and non-leading manner.  

How Does a Forensic Interview Help a Child?


The benefit of having a forensic interview is to reduce the stress and pain the child endures having to retell a traumatic experience while producing an objective and legally defensible statement. The interview recordings can be reviewed by agencies involved in the investigation, including law enforcement and child protective services.

How Many Forensic Interviews Are Conducted Each Year?

Hope Haven conducts approximately 300 forensic interviews annually.

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