Our CAC Story

In 1995, Hope Haven opened its doors after years of planning and collaboration between the Hancock County Youth Court System and concerned citizens. The primary mission was to be an emergency shelter that housed children taken into care.


Hope Haven remained a shelter until Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Mississippi Gulf Coast in August 2005. As we recovered from this devastating event, our mission evolved to become a Child Advocacy Center (CAC) serving children and families affected by trauma or neglect.

As the only CAC agency serving Hancock and Pearl River Counties, Hope Haven provides immediate intervention services to children and families affected by traumatic events. Our organization specializes in providing forensic interviewing, family advocacy, counseling, child sex abuse prevention, and direct support to families in need.


Additionally, Hope Haven assembles a Multi-Disciplinary Team comprised of local law enforcement, child protective services, CASA, Youth Court, prosecution, and medical professionals to  promote a strong collaborative effort to seek justice for affected children and their families. We have positioned ourselves as a community leader that serves to be the voice and advocate of abused and neglected children on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 

Mission Statement

To advocate for and support abused, neglected, foster, and at-risk children and to provide prevention programs to the community.

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