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Child, Adolescent and

Family Therapist 


Reports To: Executive Director 


Position Overview:

This position is responsible for providing mental health assessment

and treatment to children and their caregivers impacted by abuse.

This position will provide on-site mental health therapy and crisis

intervention to families in Hancock and Pearl River Counties. 

The position will be responsible for working collaboratively with

community partners and agencies to best support the mental health

needs of families we serve. A portion of this position will also include outreach and education to our community partners.  

Classification: Contracted, Part-time 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Provide mental health services to victims and their caregivers on site at HHCAC as well as through TeleHealth 

  • Provide mental health support and referral services as appropriate to walk-ins and hotline calls. 

  • Provide short and long-term mental health assessment and treatment services (specialized trauma-informed and evidence-based therapy) to children and their caregivers impacted by abuse. 

  • Establish and maintain an appropriate therapeutic relationship with clients. 

  • Maintain clinical record keeping requirements, including therapy referrals, pre/post-assessments and treatment, and termination documentation promptly. 

  • Administer, score, and interpret evidence-based assessment tools.

  • Work collaboratively with other mental health agencies and referring parties to connect families with appropriate therapeutic services. 

  • Provide statistics on service provision for grantors and other functions.

  • Maintain high ethical standards concerning the treatment and client confidentiality. 

  • Maintain professional communications and case coordination with all involved agencies and community resources. 

  • Organizes educational groups for parents, guardians and family members of the trauma victim.

  • Participate in regular supervision, team, and staff meetings. 

  • Attend weekly Multidisciplinary Team Review (MDT) meetings, provide consultation on case staffing when appropriate, and provide consulting services for MDT members on individual cases as requested. 

  • Provide court testimony and expert witness testimony when requested. 

  • Adhere to the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) standards.

  • Perform other duties as requested by the Director of Client Programs and Prevention.

  • Other duties as requested.  These duties would include helping to build community relationships in Hancock and Pearl River County for the maximization of resources for treatment options.  


Required Experience and License

  • Master’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and 2 years of clinical experience providing direct therapy to children, adolescents and their caregivers, having trauma from sexual abuse.  MS or LA license as LCSW, LPC, or LCP or eligible for license. 

  • Valid MS driver’s license in conjunction with proof of personal minimum liability insurance coverage. 

  • Trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and/or Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) strongly preferred. 


HHCAC is an equal opportunity employer.


Please email resume and cover letter to applications@hopehavencac.org.


Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator 

The Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator works closely with

Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, the District Attorney’s office,

medical professionals, mental health professionals, victim advocates and

various other professionals who may be involved during the course of child

abuse/neglect investigations. The MDT Coordinator’s primary

responsibility is to review and document the receipt of CPS Statewide

Intake notifications. Once documented, the MDT Coordinator is

responsible for coordinating efforts between Law Enforcement and

Child Protective Services as needed. Additionally, this position is

responsible for maintaining current case disposition information on

all CAC cases and documenting case progression throughout the

civil and criminal justice system response.




Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, human services, criminal justice, or related field required. The employee will also be expected to complete additional training to obtain specific knowledge on multidisciplinary team coordination and facilitation. Two years of professional experience working with children and families who have either experienced or witnessed trauma and/or two years of professional experience in working with the criminal justice or child welfare system preferred. Must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and must be willing to use personal vehicle for agency business. Moderate travel is required. Candidates must meet the basic requirements of passing a criminal history background check.



1. Flexibility in schedule based on the needs of the organizations and clients is required.

2. Resourcefulness and a working knowledge of Child Protective Services and the criminal justice response to child abuse. Also, must possess general knowledge about the CAC and MDT model and feel comfortable facilitating groups.

3. Demonstrate understanding of Hope Haven Children’s Advocacy Center’s dynamics, operations, policies and procedures, plans, bylaws, and code of ethics.

4. Demonstrate skills necessary to have sound problem solving skills and demonstrate the ability to prioritize work assignments.

5. Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills to communicate effectively with others.

6. Demonstrate computer literacy, at a minimum in Windows, Excel, and MS Word.

7. Demonstrate understanding, sensitivity, and acceptance of individual cultural/ethical and religious beliefs.

8. Maintain strong, positive working relationships with MDT members.



•Work closely with local Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services to facilitate the coordination of investigations in response to allegations of child abuse and neglect.

•Receive, review, and document the receipt of Statewide Intake Notifications from CPS intake reports for Hancock County.

•Identify Statewide Intake Notifications that involve allegations or concerns within the parameters of the CAC working protocols criteria for case involvement.

•Contact the appropriate CPS supervisor and staff cases, receive caseworker assignments, and contact the CPS investigator as needed.

•Contact the appropriate local Law Enforcement agency/detective for each Statewide Intake Notifications (appropriately) and provide respective CPS investigator contact information.

•Prepare and distribute agendas for the MDT, summarize the decisions and action plans of the MDT, update and maintain the case tracking system and provide statistical data as requested.

•Earn the respect of the Multidisciplinary Team and foster open and positive relationships with law enforcement, Child Protective Services and the District Attorney’s Office while promoting best practices for child abuse investigation and treatment.

•Promote communication, coordination, and accountability across agency lines.

•Model facilitation skills for the Multidisciplinary Team to address issues as they arise and resolve conflict.

•Promote the utilization of Hope Haven Children’s Advocacy Center program in accordance with team protocols.

•Be familiar with the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) Standards for Accreditation for the Multidisciplinary Team and case review and provide leadership in maintaining the standards.

•Oversee development of MDT protocol that meets accreditation standards set by NCA.

•Attend relevant training and stay current on emerging issues and trends related to the identifying, reporting, investigating, prosecuting, and treating child abuse and neglect.

•Ensure culturally competent services are provided to all families we serve without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.

•Promote a positive image of Hope Haven Children’s Advocacy Center in the community and among the Multidisciplinary Team.

•Other duties as assigned.

HHCAC is an equal opportunity employer.


Please email resume and cover letter to applications@hopehavencac.org.

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