Parenting Class

What is Active Parenting?

The Active Parenting Program is the world's first video based education series built for parents and families to learn how to survive and thrive in our fast changing world. 


Being a parent is more than just providing the 4 walls: food, shelter, clothing, and  transportation. Successful parenting requires parents to take an active role in their children's development. 

We are here to prepare and support families through "every step, every stage" of their child's development. 

Course Topics

  • Parenting For All Ages & Stages

  • Step-Parenting

  • Divorce

  • School Success

  • Character Education

  • Raising Children in a Changing World

  • Role of Parents


If you or your organization are interested in participating in our Active Parenting classes, please contact us at 228-466-6395 for further information and enrollment. 

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